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Tea-Coffee Vending Machine Repair

Coffee tea vending machines offered by Cafe Desire are highest selling and best Coffee Vending Machines available in the country. These automatic tea coffee vending machines are very good, convenient and ideal for places like small medium and large offices, Educational institutes, Industrial canteens, Hospitals, Software companies, Hotels, Restaurants, Shopping Malls, Cinema theaters and many other places. These coffee tea vending machines comes with a guarantee of great service offered by nation wide service team to attend all your repair and service related queries for your tea coffee vending machines. We can offer service support for any kind of vending machine installed across the country.There are two models available in this segment of good quality vending machines to dispense coffee, tea and other flavours. We provide the ingredients from the qualitative sources following the standard food & safety measures and as per the acceptance & requirement of the customers. our sales, services personals reaches the customers place as per their time & requirement. Our costs are reasonable, competitive & cheapest compared to the quality of the product & Services we provide. 100% customer satisfication is our motto.